Palace Resorts are a top notch family resort chain, they continue to rank in the top 10 in Cancun with at least one of the locations.  You can see from the official web site they have resorts in Cancun, Riviera Maya & Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; also in Punta Canta, Dom Rep.

As Premier Members we have access to the complete chain of resorts with all of the VIP  member perks at the reduced member rates,  we are NOT allowed by contract to advertise that price publicly but can share privately. 


 As Palace Elite members we have access to the NON Hard rock hotels 

We are offering referrals to all of the Palace locations at NO ADDITIONAL COST under either membership.  These referrals  will allow the requester to stay at the all inclusive Palace Resort of their choice and pay the member's only rate.  The rate is far less than you would pay through a travel agent or from buying off the web, for equal accommodations & perks. Feel free to browse the Palace Resort  web site and check out the amenities included in every stay & here's just a few; manicure, pedicure & massage (2 per room), 24hr room service, $1500 in resort credits (per room) and more. For a reference point the room package for the referred guest is a Jacuzzi suite (you can upgrade the room if available) with concierge level of service All prices are based on two people per room. 


Referrals work like this, you contact us with the date and resort you want to book at and at this time we can  give you a idea how much the member rate is based on resort and travel date. Once you are set we will call and make your reservation and contact you with the reservation number, at that time you contact the Palace staff directly and pay them, no money passes through us and until you confirm and pay them nothing is firm.  It's that simple.

A few rules do apply to all referrals!    

  • One person must be at least 35 years old to take advantage of our Premier Membership.
  • One person must be at least 30 years old to take advantage of our Elite Membership.  
  • You will be asked to attend a sales pitch (aprox. 1 - 1 1/2 hr) which a 1/2 hr of that time is spent eating breakfast of lunch & you will be offered an additional incentive for your time (a few examples might be $100 in gift shop money or a very reduced rate on a normally non-included tour).  It really is kind of interesting to hear what they are willing to offer you for your money ;)
  • We can only refer you once. Bummer!

We have been to Mexico no less than 8 times over the last few years and have booked directly with the palace the last 6 times, NEVER a issue, NEVER a bad trip, NEVER a bad experience.  We book our week, then we search and book our flights and that is it. 

Airport transfers to & from the resort are all included in your pkg, there's no additional cost to you.  They have always been waiting for us when we arrive, once you exit the airport you just need to locate the Palace transfer people, they will register you, load you & your belongings into the van then shuttle you off to your resort.  Playa Del Carmen in the Riviera Maya area, is approx 45 min south of the airport, Sun palace is 10 min from the airport, LeBlanc, Beach and Cancun Palace's about 15 min from the airport and even Isla Mujeres which is 30 min shuttle to the ferry, 20 min ferry ride and 5 min cab to the resort.  

We could go on and on about how great the Palace Family is and how well you are treated/pampered. It is truly a fantastic trip. 

If you have any questions or do not meet the referral guidelines please look over the BUY a Week page. 

Please contact us at with any questions.